I was first licensed in 1980 as KA2HZN.  Special thanks goes to K2QF (SK), W2NC (SK) and N2AIF (now K2XF).  Their encouragement and advice was always welcomed and needed  on many occasions.  I upgraded to General Class shortly after getting my novice ticket and started to rack up my DXCC count.

In 1982 we moved to Atlanta, GA.  I changed my callsign to N4HHZ.  Over the next year I upgraded to Advanced and Extra class.  The FCC was still giving the tests during that time.  I remember the 20WPM code test.  I thought it was the fastest 20wmp I  had ever heard.  Luckily it was a multiple choice code test and I managed to pass and get my Extra Class license.

My current interest is DXing.  There is something about making contact with other hams all over the world that really gets my passion for the chase going.  Especially when their is a pileup and you hear your callsign come back.

I  use strictly stealth antennas.  I have an OCFD, a screwdriver antenna, and a halo for 2 and 6 meters all in my attic.

My  equipment is an Icom - 746PRO running barefoot.  I interface with an iMac desktop computer  using a microHam Interface III to the MAC.  The software is MacLoggerDX.  It fits my needs for logging and DX clusters.  I also use a Windows based computer running EasyLog.  I like the QSL label program and use it to print QSL Labels.

The current project is a gutter/downspout antenna using an MFJ998RT remote tuner at the antenna feed point.    A 2:1 match or less on all the bands is possible with this arrangement .  Presently I have 40 buried radials at about 33 feet.  My goal is to go to 55 radials over time.  For more information and pictures on this setup go to the "Links" and "Contact" pages.  

My plan is to use this website to report on my ham activities from time to time.  I'll report on the progress of the gutter antenna as well.   Hopefully I can provide some help to those who are considering similar antenna systems.

***After using this antenna for several years I took the Gutter/Downspout antenna out of service.  The information on how I installed it is still available throughout this site.

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