Attachment point at the downspout to the MFJ Tuner View of the downspout and rain gutters

I am not an expert in Electronics, Radio Theory, or Antennas.  I'm a hobbyist and I relied on information commonly available through the Web for all my antenna construction projects.  If you intend on using any information on this site, you should do your own research and make the best decisions for your own needs.  I will be glad to respond to any questions you have regarding my setup.

Below is a list of links that may be helpful to you.

Antenna Theory:

WC7I.com   -  an excellant site on SWR and Radials.  The REAL SWR page.
Steppir.com -  more information about vertical radial systems
W0BTU.com - all about radials
Hamuniverse.com - all kinds of ham radio information
SGCworld.com - Remote Tuner's

Software and other sites I use:

Southeast DX Club
Clublog - if you made a QSO with W4OG check it here  (Go to Log Search)

Final Thought's

The attic antennas and gutter antenna are compromise systems at best.  However, I do make QSO's and I get through some of the pileups.  You may not beat the "BIG GUNS", but you can have stealth antennas and have fun with the hobby.

73, es Gud DX de W4OG
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